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We decided to give back to all of the pilots that have steadily given us their business, and in doing so created our Fuel Incentives program. The program is simple. Each gallon of fuel purchased is equal to one point and the points are used to redeem your incentive. Our Incentives include Circuit City and Lowes giftcards, Exxon Mobil fuel cards, boneless ribeyes, thick center cut pork chops, as well as an assortment of West Virginia's finest offerings in wine.

Check with our customer service
representatives at our front desk
for more information about the
program and how to participate.
You may also check the fuel bonus
program sheet on the front counter
for details.

This program is available for both
transient and home-based customers.
Joining the Fuel Incentives program will
have no bearing on your volume

Reward Chart
500 Gallons/points  -  $50 Best Buy, Lowe's, Target and Walmart gift card, Exxon gas cards
500 Gallons/points  -  $50 Exxon fuel card
200 Gallons/points  -  2 steaks
200 Gallons/points  -   Wine - 1 bottle

It's another way for us to say thank you!


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